MiLi iData Pro Smart Flash Drive 32 GB - Gold

  • Rp 790.000

  • Sebelum Pajak: Rp 790.000

  • Supports all iDevices running iOS 8.0
  • Smart, Secure, Powerful
  • MFI Certificate
  • USB 3.0, Transfer Speeds of 30MB/s to iDevices and 40 MB/s to PCs
  • Privacy & Security using fingerprint or 6 digit password

Smart, Secure, Powerful

Compatible with iOS, Android, and Microsoft operationg systems, Just plug and play.

Optimized Performance & Reliability

Developed by Mili's R&D team, the Milichipset, the first of its kind provides stability and multiple functions for the iData Pro

Maximum Producivity & Convenience

Easy and seamless compressing and uncompressing zip files on the iData Pro


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